Santa Rosa got its traffic signal coordination system working again Tuesday, more than two weeks after it crashed.

"We're back online," said traffic signal technician Mike Fong. "Everyone should be much happier."

The software program that adjusts the cycle lengths of traffic signals at about 40 of the city's busiest intersections went down when a server suffered "catastrophic failures" on March 23, Fong said.

Traffic signals across the city reverted to fixed cycles that were unable to adjust in real time to handle heavier traffic flows, increasing rush hour congestion.

Because the backup drive also crashed, fixing the problem was a challenge that involved talking to IT specialists all over the nation, Fong said.

"There's really not a manual sitting here telling you how to do it," he said.

The system went back online around 10 p.m., and it appeared to be doing a better job of keeping traffic flowing through key intersections, particularly Steele Lane and County Center Drive, from where the city received the most complaints, Fong said.

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