EDITOR: Opponents of several North Bay Association of Realtors-supported candidates have misrepresented our campaign contributions as being from a malicious out of area interest. The candidates being criticized include John Sawyer, Kathy Austin, and Kathleen Shaffer.

The claim has arisen because our state association provides the accounting and legal compliance out of their Los Angeles office. However, all funds NorBAR uses to support candidates are generated from our nearly 3,000 members here in the North Bay.

Many candidates sought our endorsement, but after a rigorous interview process conducted by our local members, our association endorsed the candidates who will best protect the interests of current and prospective homeowners.

We must also note that NorBAR does not support any development projects, contrary to the innuendo. We want the members of the public to know that all funding from NorBAR is locally generated and has supported dozens of candidates, including Noreen Evans and Shirlee Zane. Any information that states otherwise is deceptive advertising by candidates that we have chosen not to support — such as Susan Gorin — because they will not best represent our communities.


<i>President, North Bay Association of Realtors</i>