<b>New occupants</b>

EDITOR: I found one statement in Friday's article about Nancy Pelosi very interesting ("Last stand or stunning comeback"). It said that Pelosi "had the smoke residue scrubbed from the walls after (John) Boehner and his cigarettes moved out." We must get the name of that scrubbing crew from Pelosi because they'll soon be needed to scrub down the walls of the Oval Office.


Santa Rosa

<b>Sebastopol's future</b>

EDITOR: The Sebastopol City Council race is not a single-issue election. The CVS/Chase project merely illustrates the type of future development that each of the candidates will either allow or prevent. The citizens understand that the choices they make in this election will determine the look, feel and function of their town for decades to come.

Sebastopol is a unique, special place. Sadly, even paradise has money problems. Creative economic solutions exist. Short-sighted quick fixes will prove to be counterproductive. Blind allegiance to "anything is better than what's there now" mentalities, at the expense of all other considerations, will devolve our town into "Generica"— a place where none of us wants to live.

I value the existing character of Sebastopol and will lead the preservation and enhancement of downtown, the creation of design regulations that require appropriate, aesthetically-responsible development, a general plan update incorporating planning philosophies that place people before cars, economic vitality through supporting existing local businesses and the attraction of new businesses that we want and need and reductions in traffic through better use of our existing roads, walking and biking.

If you share these values, please vote for me on Tuesday.



<b>Why I'm running</b>

EDITOR: This letter is to the people of Sebastopol. I want to thank them for talking with me when I visited their homes and for sharing their ideas and concerns about the city. I walked the city twice, am always accessible to voters and have resolved many of their problems during my campaign.

The decision to run for a second term was made by the voters who want me to remain on the City Council. I am proud to have conducted a positive campaign, as I did in 2008. The campaign has been challenging, but I have been energized by citizens who have stepped forward and are now involved in the political process. This was one of my priorities when elected, and I am gratified to see it happening.

Many have given me support, encouragement and sent letters commending my leadership, work and commitment to the city. Hopefully, the voters of Sebastopol will give me a second term. And, to those who are coming into the political process, stay involved, and believe you can make a difference, because you can. We need to hear all viewpoints about the issues, and working together we'll preserve Sebastopol's quality of life.


City Council member, Sebastopol

<b>Hang up</b>

EDITOR: Here's a "fair" day for calls at my house: four calls from (707) 324-0129 touting various political polls and a message from Ernesto Olivares. We also had two calls from Erin Carlstrom, one from Don Taylor and one from another political survey source. There have been days when we have had as many as 10 calls from the one phone number, and sometimes they come two minutes apart. This has been going on for weeks, and there is no "go to" for complaints.

So when I go to vote, I will disregard these pests whose calls have bothered us most mornings and almost every night at dinner. When candidates start leaving "opt-out options," I will give them the benefit of the doubt at the polls. If you are an incumbent, let your record do the talking.


Santa Rosa

<b>Clueless comment</b>

EDITOR: Mitt Romney's collection of a few bags of diverse canned goods to be sent to New Jersey was intended to provide cover for a political rally he had agreed not to have. It appears The Press Democrat was the only one that did not understand that, with the clueless comment "to his credit, Mitt Romney turned campaign events into relief rallies" ("A federal role in weathering the storm," Editorial, Thursday). How about at least the appearance of sincerity and concern with the actual donation of money and blood the Red Cross has been requesting?