Nov. 8 Letters to the Editor

<b>Tax equity</b>

EDITOR: I disagree with Joanne L. Mumola Williams' view that our property tax system under Proposition 13 is unfair ("Tax inequity," Letters, Nov. 1). It is as fair as the sales tax, because the amount of the tax is based upon 1 percent of the selling price of the property, not upon some assessor's opinion. During the housing bubble the median price of homes in California was $504,000 (in 2005), generating $5,040 in tax annually per home sold at that price. Now that homes are less expensive, people buying today will pay lower property taxes based on the same rate.



<b>Looking forward</b>

EDITOR: President Barack Obama won a legitimate, decisive victory, winning more than half the popular vote and almost sweeping the swing states. The president's coattails brought a solid Democratic Senate majority. Most of the lunatic candidates were defeated. The American people have spoken, and democracy has won.

The right-wing campaign of dishonesty and fear-mongering was defeated by the intelligence, hope and optimism of the American psyche. Obama is not a socialist, a Muslim, a Kenyan or a terrorist sympathizer. He is a good family man with Christian values; he speaks the truth and he governs from the center. If you believe otherwise, your sources are wrong, and your intelligence has betrayed you. It's time to end these childish attacks on his character.

This divided country needs to come together and our leaders need to govern through negotiation and compromise. Furthermore, democracy demands an involved electorate. It requires its citizens to be informed and to engage in the governing process. The Republican tactic of obstruction didn't work then, and it won't work now. Don't let our elected leaders put partisan politics above the best interests of our country. This is our democracy, folks, so let's roll!


Santa Rosa

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