<b>Just an election</b>

EDITOR: Candidates who bragged ad nauseam that they were business people who "know how to get things done," clearly didn't. With gobs of "investment capital" stuffed in their pockets by special interests, they couldn't even manage the temporary business of winning an election.

But voters who picked Mitt Romney over Barack Obama, along with various editorial boards, chambers of commerce and kindred spirits who consistently endorsed every loser in the 1st supervisorial district primary and general elections can still take heart: Independent thinking is a hallmark of democracy, and failure is part of the destructive creativity of capitalism.

Of course, some day someone may clarify the difference between "creative independent thinker" and "totally out of touch with reality," but it needn't happen today. The economy is improving, the planet did not spin out of orbit. Obamacare won't be repealed, but the birds are singing anyway, the wine is good, the sun is up and so is employment and the stock market.

Those who supported the losers should try to remember: It was just an election. If the results felt like an invasive medical procedure, the good news is that your next appointment is not for four years.