Police found a hidden, indoor marijuana garden at a Santa Rosa cabinet shop that was a suspected safehouse for three men charged with planning an armored car heist, prosecutors said Friday.

A search of the Dutton Meadow shop operated by one of the suspects, Shawn Geernaert, revealed a false door leading to a "significant" crop of growing plants, prosecutor Traci Carrillo said at a bail hearing for Geernaert and his co-defendants.

Carrillo asked Judge Ken Gnoss to consider the find while considering a request by Geernaert to reduce his bail, which was set at $1 million. Gnoss lowered it to $250,000, rejecting a request to set it at $40,000.

Geernaert's lawyer said he would post bail.

Gnoss rejected bids from the other defendants to reduce their bail amounts. Bail for alleged ringleader Monico Dominguez, 39, is set at $5 million. Bail for his nephew, Juan Dominguez Jr., 28, is $2 million.

All three have been in custody since their August arrests. They face trial on charges of attempting to steal an armored car from Garda Cash Logistics on Northpoint Parkway.

Prosecutors said the hold-up was thwarted with the help of an informant.

The elder Dominguez is also charged with last year's robbery of nearly $1 million from the same warehouse. Prosecutors said he and another person stormed in behind an entering armored car wearing masks and carrying assault weapons.

They believed Dominguez planned a second robbery in which he would steal a truck filled with even more money and stash it at Geernaert's shop.

Geernaert maintains he wasn't in on any plan.