<b>Shameful cuts</b>

EDITOR: Members of the Santa Rosa City Council and the director of transit should ride city buses between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. for a week. They would see the little old ladies with their two-wheeled shopping carts, the young mothers with their toddlers, the old men with their canes and the hordes of school children riding the bus. Are these the people who they want to raise taxes on by raising prices and cutting service ("Double hit for bus riders," Wednesday)?

These people do not contribute to election campaigns, but the council is supposed to represent all the people of Santa Rosa. The rest of us are watching the council's shameful behavior.

It is a shame that the city didn't have a plan to replace the federal stimulus funds. We cannot believe that decreasing bus lines and increasing the rates was the only option.


Santa Rosa

<b>Focus on Benghazi</b>

EDITOR: It must have been very difficult for the Washington Post and Associated Press to write the articles published in Wednesday's paper. Four articles about the CIA, director David Petraeus, Marine Gen. John Allen and the Justice Department and no mention of Benghazi, Libya and the deaths of four Americans — two CIA men, our ambassador and a member of his staff — who had reported unrest surrounding them and asked for help to no avail.

Thank goodness Sen. Dianne Feinstein is involved and upset with the Libya situation. Perhaps she may shed some light on why you have been misled.

This is about the White House mishandling a deadly situation, not just about an investigation by the FBI into possible security leaks. Petraeus has agreed to testify before the investigative committee, and I hope this paper and all the others will report all the outcomes honestly and without bias.



<b>No evidence</b>

EDITOR: So Jane Bender ("Growing concerns about climate change," Close to Home, Tuesday) isn't sure but is happy to imply that Hurricane Sandy was caused by global warming — excuse me, "climate change"; global warming is no longer in vogue — even though, according to the United Kingdom Meteorological Office, there hasn't been any global warming for the past 15 years.

Temperatures have risen and fallen and are now back to where they were. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, there hasn't been an increase in temperatures in the waters along Sandy's track; in fact, since 1938, the year of the last big New England hurricane, the trend has been negative. And hurricane-related insurance losses are up, not because of increased events (landfalls in the U.S. are down) but because people have built a lot of stuff in harm's way.

Bender ends with a call for a "low-carbon economy." No more trips for you to Europe. Didn't they say that was the answer 30 years ago, when the big concern was — wait for it — global cooling and the next ice age? Always the same answer. But I guess Bender is too busy to do her own research, preferring to repeat whatever she hears. She doesn't want to upset the narrative.


Santa Rosa

<b>A vote for kids</b>

EDITOR: On behalf of the Yes on K committee and the approximately 17,000 students who will be affected by the passage of Measure K over the next eight years, we would like to express our sincere thanks to voters in the West Sonoma County Union High School District who supported and passed Measure K. We reaffirm our commitment to ensure that your dollars will be used effectively to maintain and improve programs and services provided by your schools.