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Saturday's Letters to the Editor

<b>Missing in action</b>

EDITOR: The attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya was blamed on the reaction to homemade video. Iran's attack on our military aircraft the week before the election was ignored and not reported until after the election. The Petraeus scandal was known for months before the election but was not reported until afterward. The investigation of Gen. John Allen has been in progress for months but wasn't disclosed until after the election. The fiscal cliff was conveniently delayed from July 2011 until after the 2012 election, and it wasn't mentioned during the campaign. On Wednesday, President Barack Obama had his first White House news conference in eight months.

It seems that Obama and the press had only one thing in mind (and didn't want to bother us with too many facts): re-electing Obama. That qualifies as a good politician and good propaganda, but we are paying for a leader and unbiased news. The last eight months we have had neither.

Obama may have been the better of the only two choices we had, but it is clear that we don't have any government leaders in Washington who put their responsibilities as a priority greater than their election and their legacy. The press goes along for the ride.



<b>Vital security</b>

EDITOR: Proposition 13 came about because property taxes were being increased to the point that many seniors and retirees on fixed incomes lost their homes because they could not afford to pay.

I have been retired for 12 years, and because of Proposition 13, I am able to stay in my home. I do fear that if Proposition 13 is overturned my property tax may increase to the point where I may not be able to afford to live in my home. In the past 12 years, my income has decreased as some years my retirement benefit increased 1 percent to 3 percent, but my health care premium always increased more than the cost of living, and some years there was no cost of living increase.

Everyone still working needs to remember that someday they will need to retire and live on a fixed income. If in a few years from now, heaven forbid, they should lose their job, if their property tax is stable, they may be able to keep their house instead of having to give it up because they cannot afford the taxes.

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