EDITOR: There's been a lot of talk about preserving the small-town feel of Sebastopol, and this concerns me. I'm a 31-year-old citizen who was born and raised in Sebastopol. After high school, I couldn't wait to leave town. I went to college in several different states and learned there was no better place to live, so I returned home. I bought a house here in town because I like living in a place where I know my neighbors and see friends when I dine out.

That's what makes this town great, not the look of downtown. It's people like me and my friends who are the future of Sebastopol. Our children will go to the same schools we went to, if we are lucky.

The choices that have been made lately put the future of this town we all love in jeopardy. A town that does not grow dies. We should not be worried about saving a derelict building but worrying about the long-term effects the choices of our City Council will have on the next generation's ability to live in a town that celebrates the Fourth of July on the third.