Just downhill from the San Francisco end of the Golden Gate Bridge this past weekend, spectators gazed in awe as demolition machines ate at the elevated section of Doyle Drive.

That southerly approach was named, of course, for Sonoma County's late Frank P. Doyle -- second president of Exchange Bank, creator of the unparalleled (though currently suspended) Doyle Scholarships at SRJC and a prime mover in the financing and creation of the bridge.

With much of the 1936 roadway now razed as part of the $1.1 billion Presidio Parkway project, it's reasonable to wonder if the name Doyle Drive will go away with the rubble.

The official answer is no.

Presidio Parkway "is the name of the project," Caltrans spokeswoman Molly Graham said Monday. But nobody has proposed calling either the temporary replacement approach or the new, permanent one scheduled for completion in 2015 anything other than Doyle Drive.

None of this means there won't be some who call the new road-to-the-bridge "the Presidio Parkway." We can practice shooting a look that will cause them to recoil and ask if they've misspoken.

To which we'll reply, "Well, frankly. . ."

HISTORIC WIN: Keep in mind as you read this that Santa Rosa High has never before entered the National History Day competition.

This year, seven students on two teams coached by teacher and History Club founder Dave Franzman entered. In the countywide competition, the three-member team placed first, and the four-member team placed second.

This past weekend, Franzman and his students joined more than 900 others at the statewide competition in Riverside. On Saturday, both SRHS teams finished in the final eight.

"That was just huge," Franzman said.

Sunday, the winner was announced: the SRHS team of Jonathan Brooner-Contreras, Sarah Andersen, Kyra Kennedy and Sarahi Robledo.

"I practically cried," their teacher said. They prepare now to represent California and present their project on women's rights at the national finals in Maryland from June 10 to 14.

Anyone wishing to help them pay for the trip can send it to the History Club at Santa Rosa High.

(RE)CYCLE OF LIFE: Three firefighters on a Santa Rosa engine came running when a car hit a cyclist on Mendocino Avenue.

The rider's knee and ankle were injured. The firefighters learned she's 18 and attends Santa Rosa High, but she also lives on her own and works.

She went off in an ambulance, and Capt. Ray Spradlin, engineer Ron Shull and firefighter/paramedic Steve Morikawa placed her bicycle onto the engine.

Knowing the bike was her sole source of transportation, they pondered fixing it but found the frame was bent. Their resolve to replace it led them to a city storeroom of found or confiscated bikes.

You can imagine how the mending young woman felt when they brought her a bike that's just like her old one, but better.

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