Directors of the Healdsburg Animal Shelter will be giving a "progress report" Thursday in a public forum at their unfinished new building.

The meeting at the $3.5 million new shelter on Westside Road will be the second monthly forum directors have held and again will feature a question-and-answer session open to the public.

Last month's forum involved lively and sometimes testy exchanges between leaders of the board, their critics, and defenders of the shelter.

The shelter has been beset by leadership turnovers, fund-raising shortfalls and controversy over animal adoptions.

The most pressing problem is the incomplete new shelter across the road from the non-profit agency's aged building and kennels.

It was supposed to be complete last year, but fell short of funding and also had a general contractor who went bankrupt.

The new leaders of the organization say they are working to resolve issues, including a cracked foundation on the new shelter that will cost a minimum of $300,000 to fix.

Thursday's forum starts at 5 p.m.