EDITOR: Almost each day I hear complaints of the lack of public services in our towns. Potholes, no street lighting, slow police response, no one to take care of daily city business because everyone is laid off. Why? Let's blame the retirees and their "wealth." It's those pensions, the greedy unions or overpaid teachers.

Since the wealthy have been given huge tax breaks and the government coffers are empty, it doesn't take a genius to see what the problem is. But let's blame those who still have a dollar or two so we all can be equally poor while our rich overlords get all the benefits while the rest of us are fee'd to death. That's what we are left with, fees and fines. We have been leveled to third world standards.

When I hear the cheering for the loss of unions, public servants and teachers it makes me sick and ashamed of how low our self-respect has gotten.