EDITOR: Sonoma County Conservation Action is an organization whose single issue is environmental protection. Each year it publishes a "report card" that rates each city council member on his/her environmental performance. In its 2011-12 report, it gives Sebastopol Councilmen Michael Keyes and Guy Wilson B ratings and seems to want to justify that by stating that both were "misled by pro-development staff into voting in favor of the CVS/Chase project." I feel that statement belittles both the council members and the city staff.

As a previous high school board member, I know the responsibility of an elected official is to review staff reports and then make up one's own mind about the vote. If someone votes in a way you don't like, it doesn't mean they haven't done their homework.

Sebastopol's staff members are long-time, competent, unbiased and dedicated employees. Last year, they took a pay cut to help balance the budget. In my experience, they are not "pro-development." They want to make responsible decisions about the use and development of our city, as should we all.

To the Sebastopol staff: Keep up the good work. To Sonoma County Conservation Action: Your grade is F minus.