<b>No more smoke screens</b>

EDITOR: Never mind the Petraeus dalliance. No harm, no foul. Silly Billy Clinton didn't get this much attention, and he stayed on the job. This is clearly blatant overkill by an unrestricted media and blustering politicos.

The Benghazi boondoggle needs to be properly vetted, not just grilling mid-level State Department bureaucrats or accepting condescending smoke screens from Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice.

Americans are entitled to hear from the horses' head, not the wagging tail. Ex-CIA director David Petraeus and the commander-in-chief, President Barack Obama, should testify in front of a congressional committee before a national audience. These leaders took credit for taking out Osama bin Laden. Conversely, they can take the heat, if warranted, for leaving patriotic Americans needlessly exposed in a hellish quagmire like Benghazi.


Santa Rosa