Grades for the 49ers' 32-7 win against the Chicago Bears:

<b>Quarterbacks: A</b> Are you kidding? Colin Kaepernick (133.1 rating) looked like a late-developing RG3.

<b>Running Backs: A</b> It wasn't a ground-heavy offense, but Frank Gore and Kendall Hunter averaged 4.8 per carry.

<b>Receivers: A</b> Several guys made big plays, none more than TE Vernon Davis, who had 6 catches for 83 yards.

<b>Offensive Line: A</b> Kaepernick had time all night. The running backs had room up the middle.

<b>Defensive Line: A</b> Justin Smith helped Aldon collapse the pocket.

<b>Linebackers: A</b> If it weren't for Aldon Smith (5? sacks), we'd all be talking about NaVorro Bowman's 12 tackles.

<b>Defensive Backs: B</b> Interceptions for Tarell Brown and Dashon Goldson.

<b>Special Teams: B</b> David Akers was back to being automatic, though all from short range.

<b>Coaching/Overall: A</b> The 49ers had the better defense, the better replacement QB and the better game plan.