EDITOR: I am writing in response to Staff Writer Lori A. Carter's article regarding the Petaluma Friends of Recreation ("Paying so all can play").

I chose to invest my time, money and efforts into this effort due to the direct benefit that all the residents of Petaluma would realize should it pass. Having coached youth sports and seen firsthand the condition of Petaluma's park and recreation facilities as well as having experienced the frustration of traveling to other communities to watch my child, I chose to be part of the solution.

We are a grass-roots group that identified the areas of need across the range of recreational facilities currently available in town. We've worked to keep the city manager and City Council informed. We've been busy reaching out to our neighbors in person or via service club presentations. We've spoken to the Chamber of Commerce and many private business owners.

The positive feedback we are receiving is gratifying, but we have a long way to go. We need the support of the Petaluma community to achieve our goal. Carter's article captured our efforts very succinctly. Any Petaluman who is interested in helping should visit www.pfor.info to learn how they can get involved.


Treasurer, Petaluma Friends of Recreation