A Santa Rosa man already facing charges of burglary and grand theft in an alleged scheme that has more than 30 victims, was arrested again after a neighbor accused him of conning her out of $900 this summer.

Aaron Averbuck, 43, of Santa Rosa, was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of grand theft and committing a felony while out on bail for allegedly telling an out of work neighbor he could get her work as a hostess in Las Vegas for a professional boxing match sometime last summer, according to Sonoma County Sheriff's deputies.

The woman, a mother of two small children who was not identified, told investigators she gave Averbuck $900 in cash to pay for airline tickets and hotel reservations before learning there was no fight and no hostessing job.

She had expected to be reimbursed by Sept. 1, according to investigators.

The woman later determined that Averbuck, who also goes by the name Komodo Tamakoa, had been arrested earlier this year on what investigators believe was a years-long scam involving telling victims that he had non-existent connections with professional sports teams.

He also promised discounts on television sets, phones and other home electronics, according to investigators.

Averbuck is believed to have worked in concert with Tammy Fa'agata, 39, of Windsor who is the mother of his children. Fa'agata faces charges of grand theft.

In the most recent incident, Averbuck was arrested at his home and held on a $75,000 bail. He later posted bail, according to sheriff's deputies

He is scheduled for arraignment on Nov. 29.

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