EDITOR: I received a mailer concerning Measure E, which is a $35 million bond obligation, plus $5.5 million from state taxpayers. It implied that it would be paid for in 25-30 years. It doesn't seem that we would want to be paying that long for maintenance and some remodeling, and $40.5 million seems like a lot of cash for those improvements.

I would like some answers to a question I have before I vote for Measure E. A couple of years ago, we passed the bond measure that built the new elementary school. After the (ultra expensive) school was completed, we discovered that we had a surplus school that was only about 15 years old. I don't know if we sold it or if we are renting it out to the city, but why can't we sell it if we haven't yet and use the money for any upgrades we need?

If the Foss Creek School was sold, we should have plenty of money to upgrade older schools and maybe pay down some of the three school bonds we are presently paying for on are tax bills.