EDITOR: I read with interest Professor Peter Phillips' petty rant against Sandy and Joan Weill ("Is Weill someone worthy of an SSU honorary doctorate?" Close to Home, Tuesday). Phillips has spent virtually his entire existence in the cozy and sheltered life of academia where he and like-minded individuals can pontificate about the problems of the world without having to listen to any alternative opinions nor offer any constructive solutions. The sources he cites (the Nation, the Huffington Post and the International Herald Tribune) are far left-leaning publications with views similar to his.

Really, professor, you regard the Huffington Post as a credible source?

He is a professor of sociology and not one with business expertise. His sources for the article are biased in one direction.

The Weills' generosity has allowed the Green Music Center to be almost completed, and this beautiful facility will be enjoyed by thousands of individuals every year. It is not SSU President Ruben Armi?na who is dishonoring the graduation for the class of 2012, but it is people who plan on demonstrating at this very joyous occasion. If the matter were put to a vote among the graduates and their parents, I am sure that the professor would be on the losing side.


Rohnert Park