Assembly, 2nd District — Wesley Chesbro and Tom Lynch

The new top-two primary system opens the door for us to take a wait-and-see approach this year and support two candidates. Chesbro has been a faithful local legislator for years, but he deserves to have his feet held to the fire for a lack of legislative progress — and past votes — on pension reform. Lynch, who has been sounding the alarm about unsustainable benefits for years, is just the guy to do it.

Assembly, 10th District — Michael Allen and Marc Levine

As with the contest above, we believe having San Rafael City Councilman Levine, a leader in his city's austerity measures, finish as one of the top two candidates is the best chance local voters have of seeing robust debate about pension reform this fall. Assemblyman Allen deserves praise for his work on tuition relief for middle-class families and worker safety at state hospitals. But we remain unconvinced about his commitment to confronting runaway retirement costs.

Proposition 28: Term limits — YES

Proposition 29: Tobacco tax — YES