The two teenage girls from Lake County who were reported missing since Nov. 17 have been located in Eugene, Ore., police said.

Police Sgt. Nick Bennett said the two 15-year-old friends apparently hitched a ride all the way to Oregon. Police suspected that they might have runaway and were concerned for their safety because of their age. Early reports indicated that they may have cut and dyed their blonde hair dark.

The girls are Sara Beck of Clearlake and Lacy Elwood of Clearlake Oaks. They were reported missing from their homes a week ago. Police said the girls were last known to be headed to a Taco Bell and then over to a friend's house.

Their disappearance was widely reported by local media on Friday. Police said that one of the girls then called her parents to let them know they were safe, but she did not reveal any information about their location.

The parents then called Clearlake Police Detective Ryan Peterson who was able to trace the call to a woman that let the girls use her cell phone. Peterson contacted the woman and received from her information about where the girls might be found.

"The lady said they were wet and cold," Bennett said. "Kids that age are always in danger. Nothing happened to them. They weren't staying with anybody. The gal who let them use her phone, she wasn't harboring them."

Peterson contacted the Eugene Police Department and officers there were able to locate the girls and take them into protective custody until they can be released to their parents. Bennett said it appears they did cut their hair.