EDITOR: When I consider who to choose for my 1st District Sonoma County supervisor, I look at whose voice and vote I want to represent me when the supervisors face the huge issues coming soon.

Susan Gorin is my choice.

She stood firm in demanding that public safety unions offer a better deal for Santa Rosa — not voting to give them raises while all other departments get cuts.

The Sierra Club's endorsement of Gorin is significant when you look at the docket of resource-extraction proposals that will challenge the supervisors in coming years. She will consider first Sonoma County residents' need for good quality water in adequate supply, protection of Sonoma County's rural character, as well as creation of good-quality, lasting jobs.

No matter where in the district someone lives, their interests will, I think, be best served by a strong leader with a record of toughness on the very issues that keep coming up — pensions, jobs, roads and schools.


Santa Rosa