The Santa Rosa school board met in closed session Friday to discuss a possible settlement to a lawsuit challenging the closure of Doyle Park Elementary School.

A group of students, teachers and community activists claim that school board's decision to close the school was illegal.

The group claims the board violated the state's education code covering conversion of public schools into charter schools and was harmful to its Latino students.

The district plans to use the Doyle Park campus to house a French charter school it approved last December.

This week, sources said that a possible agreement was reached with the school district, the founders of the French charter school and Doyle Park supporters. That agreement, if approved, would have involved a possible sharing of the campus.

But the parties hit a "snag" in negotiations on Friday afternoon, said Roy Miller, a Santa Rosa attorney representing the French charter school founders. Miller would not give any details about the negotiations, but said he would continue to reach out to the other side this weekend.

"We're close enough to get things done that we need to get things done," he said. "There's too much at stake for too many people and too much money to be spent on too many lawyers."

Edie Sussman, a Santa Rosa attorney representing Doyle Park supporters, could not be reached Friday night.

School board members took no action after the two-hour closed session ended.