EDITOR: Many at Sonoma State University are saying that graduation day is about students, not politics. So why aren't they asking SSU to refrain from giving non-student, Sandy Weill, an honorary degree?

He's the person who brought subprime mortgages into the mainstream, buying up small loan shark companies and making Citigroup the biggest loan shark of all. And when things went bad, "we" bailed Citigroup out. He is being given the degree by President Ruben Armi?na, who has pushed for the Green Music Center and the Student Union despite SSU's $300 million debt and debt service of $7 million a year for 30 years, with new student fees going to wealthy bond-holders and Wall Street, not to education. And don't get me started on student debt owed to big banks.

This country is so rife with immorality in high places that it is no wonder that people take an amoral stance to justify their disinterest in what is too horrifying to face.

Clarence Darrow said, "A criminal is a person with predatory instincts without sufficient capital to form a corporation." It's time to recognize the biggest criminals are corporate thieves and their government enablers.

It's time for everyone at Sonoma State to say, "A degree for Weill shames our university."


Santa Rosa