<b>Come together</b>

EDITOR: What's happened to us? In the past, Americans pulled together for the better after an election. Now, it seems that some in the party that didn't win want the downfall of our president. They talk of firing workers or closing their businesses to those who voted for the opposition. They predict dire consequences, and through their actions, they may come to pass.

Although they believe in our Constitution and Bill of Rights, certain things seem to not matter, such as separation of church and state. I am a moral and honest person. I have the right to go to the church of my choice — or not. I have the right to make any medical decision with my family and doctor — only. I have the right to vote for whomever I choose. I should have the right to marry whomever I choose. I have the right to have a truthful and honest government. I have the right to sleep peacefully and not to have to worry about the fiscal downfall of our country by its own citizens.

Hopefully our soldiers will be coming home soon. They need to come home to one America. Stand up, America. Be proud again. Be Americans together.


Santa Rosa

<b>No repudiation</b>

EDITOR: I wonder if Kent Domogalla ("Fact check," Letters, Tuesday) read the "repudiation" he claims was issued by the U.K. Met Office concerning a story by David Rose and cited by John Jackson ("No evidence," Letters, Nov. 16). Jackson quoted Rose as stating the Met Office indicated there had been no global warming for the past 15 years. He challenged Jackson for "selecting (his) &‘facts' based on conformity with (his) opinion rather than doing any checking, no matter how easily done" accusing him of "falling" for a phony story.

In the official Met blog on Oct. 16, Dave Britton stated that the trend from August 1997 to August 2012 was 0.03 centigrade per decade. "We have clearly said in the (official Met) blog response and our original responses to Mr. Rose that the warming over the period he was looking at is indeed small." That is far from a repudiation. It's not simply "small" but amounts to no scientifically significant warming for the past 15 years. That's factual. Rose and Jackson were correct.


Santa Rosa

<b>Confining our greed</b>

EDITOR: For those who think we don't need government, visualize how things would be without smog devices, child labor laws, the Food and Drug Administration, the Environmental Protection Agency, and so on. We would be living in a cesspool, with people grossly exploited, choking on the air we breathe and dying from the poisoned water. It sounds great doesn't it? If left to our greedy tendencies (capitalism unconstrained), most of us would be much worse off. So there is a need for checks and balances to confine greed so that it doesn't get the best of us.

Humans tend to be greedy. This is not one of our best characteristics, but we need to accept its presence. Do those who are totally free-market really think that the marketplace would have done what it in the end was required by the government? It took people being fed up with polluted waterways and air to say they had had enough. As long as it is more profitable not to clean up after oneself or to exploit people for our gain, this will continue — unless someone tells us we cannot.



<b>The new Congress</b>

EDITOR: With the election over, I want to express my gratitude to the more than 160,000 voters throughout this great coastal district — from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Oregon Border — who placed their trust and confidence in me to represent them in Congress.

Our strong victories in both the primary and general elections wouldn't have been possible without my first-rate campaign staff and the hundreds of volunteers and grassroots supporters. My sincere thanks to all of you.

I also want to express my respect and appreciation for my opponent Dan Roberts, who ran a vigorous and classy campaign.

I hope that our 100 percent positive, issue-based campaign helps debunk the conventional political thinking that only negative campaigns can win. I believe this set a tone of respect that we need in Washington, and I intend to carry that message into the 113th Congress.

I'm excited to get to work on the many challenges and opportunities facing our country. I will work hard to represent everyone in this great district, regardless of party affiliation, and to help restore civility and problem solving to Congress.


San Rafael