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Saturday's Letters to the Editor

<b>Historical context</b>

EDITOR: In the aftermath of the most recent conflict between Israel and the terrorists in Gaza, you have published several letters claiming that Israel illegally occupies Palestinian territory. It is important to remember what has actually transpired between the Israelis and Palestinians in order to put the recent conflict into perspective.

Egypt ceded the Gaza Strip to Israel in an armistice agreement signed in 1949. In the 1967 war, Israel won East Jerusalem and the West Bank from Jordan. In a later peace treaty, signed in 1994, Jordan officially ceded those areas to Israel. In other words, the Gaza Strip, East Jerusalem and the West Bank are sovereign Israeli territory, just as Texas and California are sovereign American territory.

We must remember that Israel has every right to defend itself against an organization that has the destruction of Israel in its constitution. If Mexico was launching missiles indiscriminately into California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, would we not feel justified into taking action to defend ourselves? We must keep the history of the Middle East in context when we weigh Israel's actions to defend itself.


Rohnert Park

<b>Following the rules</b>

EDITOR: Jacobo Farias-Chavez claims to be a "good member of society," who "followed the rules" ("Advocates say net snags nonserious offenders," Sunday). Really?

Now that Sonoma County has become a safe haven for illegal immigrants, it is not surprising that undocumented immigrants have adopted this entitlement attitude, conveniently forgetting they arrived here illegally. Is it any wonder the county added 55 government jobs to handle social welfare services? Why am I obliged to support illegal immigrants who flock to the Sonoma welfare trough?


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