<b>Dangerous crosswalks</b>

EDITOR: After reading your editorial about crosswalks ("Some SR crosswalks are just dead ends," Thursday), I was extra cautious as I drove along winding Mission Boulevard toward Highway 12 in the rain.

It was somewhat dark to my right with the trees and bushes. I was very watchful because of what I had read. Before I knew it, a guy, maybe in his 20s, dressed in darkish clothing that seemed to blend with the background, stepped off the curb and onto the crosswalk that I was quickly approaching. I slammed on my brakes and was shaken by how close I was to him as he casually crossed in the walkway.

I was not speeding, and because of the rain I was being so careful, but honestly it was a bad situation. This guy could have been killed. As drivers, we need to be watchful, but it would be helpful if pedestrians would also take a moment before crossing to make sure the way looks safe.

Our city officials, who have had sufficient warning, will help us all by taking the necessary action to install warning devices at problem locations.


Santa Rosa