EDITOR: It's unfortunate that following last year's district realignments we now have the potential that four out of five Sonoma County supervisors could one day be residents of Santa Rosa. I consider this not conducive to Sonoma County's best interests. Our supervisors should be from throughout the county, so our diverse regions are represented by those who know them best.

In the 1st District, how can someone from Santa Rosa be familiar with the needs of residents of Sonoma or the unincorporated areas southeast of Oakmont? They deserve a real representative, not an ambassador from Santa Rosa.

Of the 1st District candidates, Gina Cuclis is best suited for the job. I know Cuclis. Living in the Sonoma Valley longer than any other candidate, she has a firm grasp on issues important to 1st District residents. Having attended supervisor meetings for more than two years, she knows countywide concerns, too. She has served on a number of important boards and committees and has greatly contributed to their success.

With Supervisors Efren Carrillo and Shirlee Zane, Santa Rosa is already well represented on the board. I urge 1st District residents in Santa Rosa to do what's right and vote for Gina Cuclis.


Santa Rosa