Sunday's Letters to the Editor

<b>Scare story</b>

EDITOR: Leave it to the Associated Press to write another scare article. Instead of focusing on how people should play safely on bounce houses to reduce risk of injury, the AP told folks how injuries are up but forgot to stay that stupidity is up, too ("Big jump in bounce-house injuries," Monday). The picture associated with the article tells a big story without saying a word. It shows an adult, holding a baby no less, with children of various sizes bouncing together.

Always keep like-sized people together, and there are guidelines by age group and size of jumper on how many can safely play together. Jumpers should not be used as babysitters. Competent adult supervision is needed.

Many youth and adult activities involve risk. Many children have sustained injuries playing sports such as baseball, soccer, volleyball and gymnastics. And, for the really scared, we better limit participation in football, cheerleading, horseback riding, etc. Either live your life in a bubble or assume some personal responsibility, but you need not be scared of a bounce house.


Santa Rosa

<b>Senseless comparison</b>

EDITOR: Vern Henderson ("Single-party rule," Letters, Wednesday) compares our California Democratic Party supermajority to dictatorships in Germany (Hitler) and Russia (Stalin) among others. This is an apples and oranges comparison that shows a lack of understanding of our state government and the structure of our federal government. He makes no mention of the number of states under governance by the Republican Party where voter suppression and women's health care rights restrictions are among the goals of current legislation. He would do better to compare those states to dictatorships as the things they are doing are more in line with the practices of Hitler and Stalin. Even there, his comparison makes no real sense.


Santa Rosa

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