EDITOR: So now it's going to cost us $8 to go for a walk on the beach. Isn't that just great?

All those rolling hills and forests around here, but you can't go in 'em because they are private, and we don't have the vast system of old established public trails across private lands that they have in Europe. And now, we taxpaying peasants, who don't own a few thousand acres, have to pay through the nose to visit "our" parks and beaches.

Want to walk on the beach for 20 minutes? That'll be eight bucks, please. That's more than an hour's minimum wage. Must be nice to make $100,000 a year, eh?

Want to visit Spring Lake for an hour to walk your dog? That'll be six bucks. Ever wonder why the parking lot is empty and the surrounding streets are clogged?

How about a dollar for two hours, or $2 all day? Then maybe the parking lot would be full.

Imagine a land where you have to pay to venture outside your front door.


Santa Rosa