EDITOR: Why are we wasting tax dollars on embryonic stem cell research? Have any diseases been cured by embryonic stem cells? The answer is no. Instead we should be focusing on adult stem cell research. Adult stem cell research is not only promising but has already been used to treat 73 diseases and illnesses, including Parkinson's, heart disease, spinal cord injuries, and some forms of leukemia.

Even if embryonic research was successful, there are serious problems associated with embryonic stem cells. In clinical trials, people who receive an embryonic stem cell need lifetime drug therapy to prevent their body from attacking the stem cell. Also, there is a chance of developing a tumor from the rapidly growing injected stem cell. Embryonic stem cells are causing more harm than good.

How can we justify the use of embryos for scientific research? With the hope of saving lives, an innocent and defenseless embryo is sacrificed. Is human life of no value?

The controversy over using embryos for research can be ended. Why support research that has not been effective? Instead, I believe that adult stem cells are the future of scientific research.


Santa Rosa