BODEGA BAY — An 85-year-old Southern California man riding a bicycle was struck and killed Thursday by a car on a hairpin curve on Highway 1 near Bodega Bay, authorities said.

The driver told the CHP the cyclist was riding north in the southbound lane and that he veered across the road in front of his northbound car.

David Tryon, 64, of Berkeley told investigators he braked and took evasive action, but his Ford Focus clipped the bicycle before the car crashed into a hillside and overturned, CHP Officer Eric Clary said.

<CW-18>Tryon suffered minor injuries in the 1:36 p.m. crash between Harbor Way and Bay Hill Road and was "physically upset" about what had happened, Clary said.</CW>

He was cut free of the wreckage and taken to Palm Drive Hospital in Sebastopol for treatment after making "kind of a slow roll" into the ditch, Bodega Bay Fire Chief Sean Grinnell said. The car's airbags did not deploy.

It's unclear why the cyclist may have been traveling in the wrong lane.

Grinnell said 30- to 40-mph winds may have played a role. There also is an intersecting road on the southbound side where the cyclist could have stopped to rest before crossing back over the highway.

A passer-by attempted CPR on the victim, whose name was not immediately released, but it appeared he died upon impact or soon after, emergency personnel said.

Grinnell said the bicyclist appeared to have multiple traumatic injuries.

The man was visiting Bodega Bay with a cycling group, CHP Officer Jon Sloat said. He said some members of the group went to the crash site.

A bicycle helmet and water bottle lay near the man's covered body and broken bike. The impact of the crash left the bicycle — apparently made of carbon fiber — in pieces, "not bent and mangled like metal would do," Grinnell said.

Skid marks showed where Tryon tried to stop.

It was the first fatal bicycle accident in Sonoma County this year. Thirteen riders have been struck by cars and killed in accidents on Sonoma County roads since 2003.

Last week, Alfredo Hernandez Pedroza of Napa was killed while riding his bicycle on Silverado Trail in the Napa Valley outside Yountville. Pedroza, who was training for a 100-mile race, was struck by a car driven by a Calistoga woman, who told investigators she had fallen asleep.

News Researcher Teresa Meikle contributed to this report.

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