<b>The longest war</b>

EDITOR: As we approach the fiscal cliff, losing more confidence every day that those in Washington will be able to accomplish anything, I reflect on the longest war America has actively been engaged in. No, I don't mean Iraq or Afghanistan. I mean the war between the Democrats and the Republicans.

This war has been going on far longer than wars in the Middle East and with much greater collateral damage to the American people. This war is fueled by a host of players: ideologues who believe their way is the only way and who are not willing to listen to other views; political bosses who only care about what's best for their party and have no concern for what's best for America; weaklings who are not willing to vote their conscience and buck the party line; and those with their heart in the right place but who can't influence their colleagues to cooperate.

I have a modest proposal to end this war: Vote all of these players out of office. Let your representatives know what you pledge to do if we go over the fiscal cliff. I know that some good people will be collateral damage, but this war must end.


Santa Rosa