EDITOR: The Petaluma postal hub closure ("Dates set for postal closures," May 18) will be one result of a 2006 bill called the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act. In eight years, this bill has effectively bankrupted the U.S. Postal Service by requiring that it fund 100 percent of future retiree health care obligations for the next 75 years, and to do that within 10 years. The Postal Service is the only federal agency required to prepay future obligations to this extent. This was a blatant attempt to bankrupt the Postal Service, break its union and privatize its services. Before 2006, the Postal Service did its job and did not cost the taxpayers anything; it even generated a small profit.

Your article was backwards: It should have started with the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act of 2006 and listed its resultant destruction.


Santa Rosa