The Sonoma County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday is set to consider allocating up to $450,000 to continue one of its major redevelopment projects: Street and sidewalk improvements along Highway 12 north of Sonoma.

An estimated $6.75 million is needed to complete the project, including street, lighting, parking and curb work in the busy vehicle and pedestrian corridor.

The $450,000, enough to cover the engineering design plans, would represent the first time the county has tapped general fund money to continue one of its redevelopment projects.

Along with county projects in the Roseland area and along the Russian River, the Highway 12 project was left in limbo after the state shut redevelopment agencies in February.

The county has argued it should be allowed to finish many of those projects with the redevelopment cash it had on hand and future tax money it had been anticipating.

The state repeatedly has rebuffed those requests, and the county is preparing a lawsuit.

The allocation would draw down a $3.6 million fund that supervisors reserve for contingency uses.