<b>Jump the fiscal cliff</b>

EDITOR: The "fiscal cliff" is propaganda. It is a media darling designed to scare people and keep them from making the logical assumption that we have overspent and been undertaxed for far too long. I question why our president did not let the tax cuts expire when he came into office and had a majority of the House and Senate. The return to Clinton-era taxes is what most people want.

A strong economy means no further debt and a cap on spending. We cannot lower the interest rates more, and the time has come for drastic, even draconian changes in the way the government is dealing with our finances.

The truth hurts, but we, as Americans, have to take the responsible course. Let us go off the imaginary "cliff." The stock market will tank for a couple of days, and then it will come right back. We might even get our AAA credit rating back.