The Sonoma County Board of Supervisors unanimously authorized the use of $1.8 million in open space funds Tuesday to purchase 199 acres atop Fitch Mountain in Healdsburg.

The property, the site of a future city park, is being acquired by the county's Agricultural Preservation and Open Space District from F.R.A.N.C.E.Z. LLC, a Delaware-based corporation that has owned the top of Fitch Mountain since 2003.

The deal involves the county, the city of Healdsburg and the nonprofit group Landpaths, which will temporarily own and help manage the property until the city takes it over three or more years from now.

The property has been eyed as a possible public park since the formation of the taxpayer-funded Open Space District in 1990.

Along with contributions by the city of Healdsburg and private donations totaling $200,000, the Open Space District will contribute up to $250,000 toward operation and maintenance of the park for the first three years.

The Healdsburg City Council approved the deal on a 5-0 vote Monday night.