Banning bags

EDITOR: Kudos to editorial writer Jim Sweeney for the thoughtful article in which he questions the push to ban plastic grocery bags ("Paper? Plastic? I'll take both," Inside Opinion blog, After some reflection, I totally agree.

In spite of the reported effluvium of plastic grocery bags blowing and lying about, I can't recall when I've seen that. I have noted that when I accumulate bags for which I no longer find a purpose and return them to the bin at the grocery store, these bins invariably are packed full. Someone other than Sweeney and I must be using them responsibly.

Educate — don't legislate. After all, it has taken more than 50 years for people to accept that smoking tobacco has adverse consequences but, gradually, the percentage of adult smokers has markedly diminished.

Surely our leaders must have more pressing matters to address. Or do they? Or will they?


Santa Rosa