<b>Let there be peace</b>

EDITOR: In Tuesday's article about Scott Bartley, our new mayor ("Focused on the future"), I was struck by one of the closing lines where Bartley was quoted as saying he believes the Santa Rosa City Council can move beyond the us-vs.-them dynamic that has polarized the council for years. I cannot help but remember the lines from the old protest song "let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me." Wouldn't it be great if Bartley were the first to step forward and practice what he preaches?

At this time of year, I'd love to see our council members stop pointing at the "other side" and demanding compromises (or those in the House of Representatives, for that matter). I am eager for some of the peace on earth right here, right now.

So here's a holiday toast to all the departing council members in gratitude for their years of service and devotion to principle, and to our new council members, may they only have good luck. And to all of us in this lovely city, may this be the year we all sing together.


Santa Rosa