Smoking in public

EDITOR: I am responding to Jeffery S. Boyd's letter about smoking in public places ("Not on my dime," Tuesday). I used to be a smoker, quit now for 28 years, so I feel I know both sides of the issue. Today, I am with the anti-smoking crowd.

I've been without tobacco for so many years that I feel it is irritating. As far as wanting to smoke marijuana in public, even outdoors, it seems to me outrageous and even a slap in the face to other people. If someone needs this for medical reasons, which I have no problem with, they can do it in private. If for instance, I were diabetic, or had another ailment, do I have to take out my syringe and shoot up in front of everyone else? Maybe if it is a real emergency, but I doubt anyone is in an emergency to light up.

Go home and do it.