Grades for the Raiders' 15-0 win against Kansas City:

<b>Quarterbacks: B </b>Carson Palmer was unspectacular, especially in the red zone, but he avoided the critical mistake.

<b>Running Backs: A </b>Darren McFadden had tough fourth-quarter yardage, and Mike Goodson popped a 43-yard run.

<b>Receivers: D </b>Highly forgettable day for the pass catchers.

<b>Offensive Line: A </b>Some of the holes for McFadden were extra wide, and Palmer wasn't sacked — or hardly touched.

<b>Defensive Line: A</b> Three of Oakland's four sacks came from defensive linemen. Andre Carter hit Quinn two other times.

<b>Linebackers: B</b> Philip Wheeler had a team-high 7 tackles and a sack.

<b>Defensive Backs: A </b>Gritty game for this battered group, led by S Matt Giordano and CB Joselio Hanson.

<b>Special Teams: B </b>Seabass bailed out Raiders with 5 FGs. But what the heck was Denarius Moore doing on those punt returns?

<b>Coaching/Overall: B </b>The Raiders handled their business against an atrocious team, but need to find a way to score touchdowns.