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Wednesday's Letters to the Editor

<b>Private-sector benefits</b>

EDITOR: I'm responding to Tracie Rinehart's letter ("Unfair contract," Friday). We get lots of information about government workers but not so much from the private sector. I'd like to use my own experience as an example.

I worked at a major electronics company for 28 years until I was laid off three years ago. I laugh when people tell me that I must have a great pension. My pension consisted of a hearty handshake as I was walked out the door. I got a lump sum retirement, which equates to about $800 a month (plus my 401(k), which was mostly self-funded). I also got retirement medical for which I pay $138 a month. I have Kaiser, and my copays are $40. My insurance is going up to $203 a month in January. I only have to pay that for one month because in February I turn 65, so my company is dropping me from coverage.

When I was working, I made a good wage, but I assume it was about equivalent to a technical manager working for the county. Many private-sector workers would envy even these modest benefits. Just trying to add a little real-world perspective.


Santa Rosa

<b>Not about guns</b>

EDITOR: It's inevitable that many will use this senseless tragedy as an opportunity to reopen a discussion on firearms in this country. This will add to the pain we feel when such a horrific crime is inflicted on our nation.

As a society, we don't contemplate going back to Prohibition because of all the people who misuse alcohol. It doesn't work. We correctly see it instead as an illness to address. This is no different.

We will continue to suffer these tragedies as long as we won't address the root cause. The problem is mental illness and people having a difficult time coping. We need a national discussion on helping those who are ill, disaffected and having problems living in our society. How do we identify the mentally disabled and help them?

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