<b>Global procrastination</b>

EDITOR: Sadly, the Doha conference has produced only meaningless measures, such as extensions of the Kyoto Accord. Meanwhile, warming is progressing at alarming rates as evidence linking it to industrialization becomes more certain each year.

Until industrialized nations curtail their shameful indifference toward warming mitigation, and defang the special interests who have blocked progress through deception and fabricated science, the rift between those most responsible for it and those most affected by it can only widen and lead to worldwide unrest.

President Barack Obama's current position as a world leader renders him the responsibility for mitigating this dangerous trend. If he uses his power to forge meaningful measures before the tipping point, history will treat him well despite the character assassinations he can expect from the special interests. If he defaults this mandate, he will be remembered as the leader who missed the last opportunity alleviate the inevitable consequences of warming.


San Rafael