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Dec. 21 Letters to the Editor

<b>Distorted views</b>

EDITOR: Gail Collins expressed how offended she is because there are not many women in the Senate ("Gender progress, modest but real, in Senate," Dec. 12). Her assumption that sexism is the cause ignores the reality that female voters outnumber male voters, and women are more likely than men to vote.

Collins then shifted to the tired complaint that in medicine only men were used as experimental subjects. In her book "P.C. MD," Dr. Sally Satel found that feminists had distorted medical information to suit their need to target men as oppressors. The truth, Satel said, is that women get much better health care than men. Satel also discussed why males were used as experimental subjects: they don't get pregnant. She also discussed horrible experiments done to men, particularly to black, military and incarcerated men.

Objective writers about gender have written about the WAW effect — "women are wonderful" — and how that perception maintained by too many people allows feminist writers such as Collins to make claims that are not true so often that the public doesn't even consider that they might be false. This is harmful and not the type of sexist bigotry we should be teaching our children.



<b>Becoming leaders</b>

EDITOR: I want to echo Hugh Futrell's sentiments in about the current state of the Santa Rosa City Council and what can be done about it ("Steps to finding peace on SR council," Close to Home, Tuesday).

As a voter, I am exhausted by the self-righteousness of those on the "left" and the self-satisfied smugness of those on the "right." It is time we all learn to transcend our own small mindedness and practice the art of compromise — what true leadership really entails.


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