EDITOR: How many mass murders will it take to shock us into collective action? We listen to the tired arguments about gun safety and regulation, but we never deal with the lack of soul that feeds our culture of violence. Every young boy sees war in movies and TV and then gets to practice killing with realistic video games.

These mass killings are usually done by young, white males, disconnected from those around them. Parents often have a stash of assault weapons to choose from. The NRA and the gun lobby are responsible for selling the idea that you are safer with an assault rifle at home. The guns used in these mass murders are not made for hunting; they are made for war and are very efficient for killing a large number of people quickly.

The argument that the Second Amendment gives all us the right to possess assault weapons is nonsense. Your average citizen doesn't need an assault rifle or a 30-round clip. These mass murders seldom happen in other civilized countries. When atrocities do happen, they usually involve guns, provided by us. It is time we stand up and demand an end to our culture of violence. Let us unite to stop perpetrating these atrocities here and around the world.


<i>Veterans for Peace

Santa Rosa</i>