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Saturday's Letters to the Editor

<b>It's about money</b>

EDITOR: My quadriplegic son has been served at Sonoma Developmental Center or more than 20 years, and the continuing effort to close it is not about abuse — it's about money. All institutions deal with abuse, some better than others, and the Sonoma Developmental Center has done well, all the while coping with dwindling resources.

It's about money, but no one wants to be branded as a grasping, insensitive money monger by closing an institution that has served those least able to protect themselves for more than 120 years. No, they orchestrate reasons to remove funding until the institution keels over and dies. Then they can move in to carve it up and realize obscene profits on the sale of a multimillion dollar property.

Let the same compassion and outrage be expressed here that is being expressed over the slaughter of women and children in Connecticut.



<b>Person of the year</b>

EDITOR: Time Magazine got it wrong. Time describe the criteria for a "Person of the Year" as the person or thing that has most influenced the culture and news of the past year for good or ill. As a professed news junkie, I can say, unequivocally, that thing is the gun in whatever form.

When I tune in or read the news, the first thing I most often see or read about is a shooting or killing somewhere, caused by the proliferation of these things that are made for the express purpose of killing someone or something.

It's way past time for us to stand up and yell "enough." Politics aside, let's all pray that President Barack Obama will have the guts to stand up to whomever and whatever stands in the way of changing this outrageous culture of violence.

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