Council diversity

EDITOR: The problems of a lack of electoral diversity on the Santa Rosa City Council will not be solved with or without district elections. The greater issue is the fact that the council members are not paid any significant amount.

Working-class Santa Rosans are not able to work full time and then do a 40-hour-a-week job as a hobby. As a result, the council is skewed with a large number of retirees, people looking to move up the elected food chain, single-issue candidates and folks looking to pad their obituaries.

It is not that the Northeast area is over-represented, it is that people who have left the working class are over-represented, which can only be fixed if we actually change the charter to make this happen.

As the charter review committee is replete with potential candidates who dream of the title of mayor in front of their names, this is not likely to be put forth. At the same time, the voting populace feels that all politicians are overpaid, so we will just muddle through with the system that we have. Good luck with that.


Santa Rosa