<b>Christmas violence</b>

EDITOR: At least two letters in Friday's paper cited violent video games as a factor in desensitizing our children to the use of guns. Why must we give young boys violent video games for Christmas? Because they ask for them? Not a good reason.

Also troubling is the trend of opening violent movies just before — or on — Christmas day. For instance, Quentin Tarantino's "Django Unchained" opens on Christmas. In Daily Variety's review, its critic wrote, the film "rides to the Weinsteins' rescue, delivering a bloody hilarious (and hilariously bloody) Christmas counter-programmer, which Sony will unleash abroad." Yep, that's what we all thought when all those children and teachers in Connecticut were slaughtered: "how bloody hilarious (and hilariously bloody)!" Spread the word. Spread the trend.

I'm not a religious fanatic or a prude, but such violent entertainment shouldn't open on or near Christmas. Peace on earth, good will to men would be nice just for the last couple weeks of the year. Is that so hard? Can't we have a brief moratorium from all the bloodshed at this time of year? After all, there are 50 other weeks when greedy movie producers and studios can rake in millions in blood money.

When have we become so crass, mindless and shallow? Just asking.