Police arrested a Clearlake man Tuesday who was suspected of randomly firing several gunshots from his Lilac Street home, including one that authorities said hit a neighbor's house.

Clearlake police officers responded to the area of Lilac Street and Olympic Drive at 11:42 p.m. Tuesday after receiving reports of gunfire.

A round that struck the neighbor's home was traced back through its trajectory to a bullet hole in the window screen of the Lilac Street home, police reported.

Inside, police said they found Ivan Rodriguez, 20, lying on a mattress, covered by blanket and feigning sleep. When two officers roused him, Rodriguez began fighting with them, police said. Underneath him on the mattress, the officers saw a revolver and said Rodriguez appeared to make several attempts to grab the gun.

The officers were able to take away the weapon and subdue Rodriguez before arresting him. The gun, a .38 revolver, was later determined to be the source of the round that struck the neighbor's house, police said.

That shot and the other reported rounds, which were not located, did not appear to be aimed at any particular structure or person in the area, said Sgt. Nick Bennett.

"He was just firing off rounds from inside the house," Bennett said.

A search of the home by police turned up paraphernalia associated with drug possession and sales, along with a substance that appeared to be methamphetamine, police said.

Rodriguez, a suspected gang member, was booked on suspicion of resisting arrest, shooting at an inhabited dwelling and gang and drug charges.

A cousin of the suspect, Martin Rodriguez, 20, was also arrested on suspicion of drug sales and gang activity.

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