A Santa Rosa woman was found dead in a pond at a condominium complex off of Yulupa Avenue Wednesday morning in a case that Santa Rosa police described as unusual.

Stefanie Triliegi, 66, was discovered submerged at about 9:30 a.m. by a man who had arrived to clean up the clubhouse at 3200 Woodlake Drive after his family's Christmas party the night before.

Triliegi was fully clothed and carrying a purse. A small, carry-on wheeled suitcase that a neighbor said she regularly walked with was found near her body. The pond was surrounded by wet grass and an active fountain shot water about 15 feet into the air Wednesday morning.

"There is no indication of foul play but we are still trying to determine what events led up to the point where we found her in the pond," said Sgt. Eric Goldschlag.

An autopsy and toxicology examination are scheduled for Friday.

Triliegi, who lived with a family member in a nearby apartment complex, was taking medication for acute pain in her knees and had been depressed lately, according to the family member who did not want to be identified.

Police were investigating reports that officers had responded to Triliegi's apartment earlier Christmas day.

Goldschlag said the 911 call is "part of what we are looking" into but would not provide further information on the reason for the call.

Angelo Goddard, the man who discovered Triliegi's body, said he lived near Triliegi in a nearby apartment complex but she had not been invited to his family's Christmas party and did not know why she was on the grounds of Woodlake.

She often walked the neighborhood and typically pulled the small suitcase behind her, he said.

"I just had a garage sale and that's how I really met her; she bought all my angels," he said. "She was a very outgoing lady. She was very much into the Lord."

Police on Wednesday were working to determine if security cameras in a nearby alcove in front of the clubhouse near the pond were working and captured footage from the incident.

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